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Wireless headsets are the headphone that connects to any electronic device like a smart phone, speaker, computer etc. it is used to connect or paired with the device you want to use through radio or infrared signals. Headsets benefits are well known by everyone nowadays. There are a lot of benefits of headsets, some of them are,

No restricted posture: wireless headsets allow you to call or listening songs for various hours without any restriction or bound of sitting straight.

Avoid physical pains: wireless headsets make it possible for you to avoid stress on your neck and back by not sitting in the same place on the same posture. You can perform other tasks as well without any problem and it will also help you out to stay healthy.

Avoid desk bound systems: wireless headsets can allow people to change or avoid the desk bound systems in which people have to be seated for the whole day. It gives freedom to move around and stay active and healthy. As technology is advancing people want to live or work in hassle free environment.


After knowing all its benefits you must know about its usage where, when and how you can use it. People mostly use it while driving, for gaming, for long calls etc. wireless headsets are available in the market for different brands and models and also available in designs, style, and color you can choose according to your cell phone. Wholecellusa is the best wholesale store for cell phone accessories in the USA, they provide one stop destination for all the buyers who want to buy cell phone accessories. They deal with both wholesale and retail customers. Their first priority is to bring the best quality services to their customers, they believe on long term relationship in terms of their product. Wholecellusa is having a wide range of headsets in the different style, color, and design, therefore if you want the best quality headset for your cell phone then you are on a right path.




Things you should consider about Cell Phone Accessories at Wholesale Prices

Cell phone case become the must have accessories for your cell phone for so many reasons for example if your phone got damage then you can hide the damage or improve the look of your cell phone by putting the case on it. You can use the case even if it is not damaging to make your cell phone more beautiful. But you should know some things before buying a case for your cell phone like they are available in the market in different size shape and style so you need to know what suits you best. Some main types of cases are,

Shell cases are made from hard plastic, shells are rigid covers. They only cover cell phone’s back side so that you can easily access phone screen.

Holster cases are made from different kind of materials like leather etc. these kind of cases are slightly soft. These kinds of cases normally having a belt through which you can attach your cell phone to the bicycle with or somewhere else.

Pouches, socks, and sleeves are made from the soft material like some kind of fabric or canvas. They cover the cell phone completely just like a sock. They are not expensive at all.

Skin cases are tightly wrapped around the cell phone except for cell phone screen. They are basically made from rubber or vinyl.

After knowing all types you can easily choose the right case for your cell phone, after choosing a case try it on your phone and make it sure it is compatible with your phone and your requirements. Therefore buy the best quality cases or other cell phone accessories so that you can use your cell phone for a long run. Wholecellusa is the best wholesale cell phone accessories suppliers from where you can get the best cell phone accessories at wholesale Price.


TPU Case for iPhone 7 Accessories Wholesale – iPhone 7Plus Light up Case

If you are having or buy a new iPhone 7 then it’s obvious you want to protect it so that you can use it for a long run and the best option to protect your phone is to cover your iPhone 7 with a suitable TPU case that gives durability and comfort both. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is made with a hybrid material, a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicon. They are the best option to save your expensive iPhone 7 from being damage or risks of daily life. They are slightly stretchy but solid enough to fit on your phone. They are the best oil resistant so that if your hands are oily or sweaty then tpu case will save your phone from being slipped by your hand. So if you are looking for a new case for your iPhone 7 or want to change your previous case then give some thoughts to have tpu case. You have put a big amount of money to buy your phone so be very careful while picking cell phone accessories for your iPhone 7 make sure you are picking the right product for your device. iPhone’s are available in different sizes styles and models so choose the case that perfectly fits your iPhone 7 model so that you can easily access all the features of your phone.

iphone 7 accessories wholesale

Tpu cases are available in so many different style and designs for iPhone. So if you want to buy iPhone 7 accessories wholesale then wholecellusa is the right point for you, from where you can get the best cell phone accessories at wholesale rates or at reasonable rates. Wholecellusa is the professional cell phone accessories suppliers in USA. They provide high quality products at reasonable rates and they are passionate about their products and aims to bring the best quality products to you.


Smart Phone Cases for your Smart Phone – Wholesale Phone Accessories USA

Smart phone cases are basically designed to support, attach or hold smart phone. It is one of the most popular cell phone accessories for smart phones. Its size is depends on the display screen. There are different types of smart phone cases are,

Armor cases: These cases are further categorized into three types, hybrid cases, kickstand cases, and tuff cases. These kinds of cases basically made from hard material to protect your cell phone from being damage or scratches.

Holster/shelster cases: These kinds of cases are made from leather or similar material in which your cell phone can fix with a strap or belt.

Protector cases: These cases are further categorized into three types, diamond, skin/tpu, and snap on cases. These kinds of cases normally made from hard plastic or rubber used for protection and personalization. It is basically used for replacing original casing of phone. It is a good combination of style and protection.


There are a lot of reasons why you should buy a case for your cell phone. Some of the main reasons are, providing bulk to thin or delicate cell phones so that they don’t get damage, some use cases to save your cell phone from being scratched when you are putting in a packet or in your hand bag. Some of the smart phones are sleek and slippery you must buy a case for your cell phone so that you can avoid slip of your beautiful cell phone from your hand. Good quality cell phone cases are expensive but they are not as expensive as buy a new cell phone. So cell phone cases become necessary cell phone accessory for your cell phone to protect your cell phone in a beautiful way.

Therefore if you want to buy wholesale phone accessories USA then wholecellusa is the best place for you where you can get cell phone accessories in a very good quality at reasonable rates.

Portable Chargers for Cell Phone – Latest Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

In today’s modern world smart phone becomes our necessity. As technology is advancing day by day mobile computing become very famous because it will help people to stay connected without sitting in front of laptop or desktop. Mobile computing is very helpful for those who have to be connected all day long or the ones who stay on tours on regular basis due to their job work. But having a smart phone is not enough because high end applications or software use so much battery of your cell phone and leave your cell phone dead so you need portable chargers to stay connected or alive. Benefits of portable chargers are,

Portable chargers are easy to carry because chargers are very small in size and pocket friendly. You can put it in your travel bag or in your laptop bag. If portable chargers are fully charged, it can keep your cell phone for a long time.

Portable chargers keep your cell phone alive or connected for example if you are travelling out of country or having a plan of day and night out with friends’ portable chargers helps your cell phone to stay alive without getting dead. Portable chargers can also help you to charge your cell phone from different digital devices.

latest cell phone accessories wholesale

Portable chargers can charge your cell phone multiple times it not only charge your cell phone but can also charge other digital devices if extensions are available.

Portable chargers can be your fashionable office stationary for example you can customize your portable charger by putting office logo, company name, or your own name as well.

With so many other benefits portable charger are inexpensive too. You can buy portable chargers at very low or reasonable rates.

So if you want to buy any portable chargers or any other latest cell phone accessories wholesale then wholecellusa is the perfect place for you from where you can get all your desired stuff regarding cell phone accessories at wholesale rates in a very good quality.

Increase your mobile’s battery life by various ways – Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories

Nobody wants to get suffered from dead cell phone battery when you need your the most that is why everybody wants to improve the life of their cell phone battery through Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories companies so that they don’t get suffered. So here are some important ways through which you can save or increase or prolong your mobile’s battery life.

  1. You will be surprised to know that many applications are working in the background of your smart phone that’s why you get notifications for each update and these applications continuously using battery so you have to close the unnecessary applications by double clicking your home key apps will occur which are working at background so you can close the unnecessary app from which you don’t want to get notified.
  2. Get rid of moving back grounds, dynamic or moving background looks beautiful but it takes a lot of battery life so try to use simple or static backgrounds or screen savers.
  3. One of the main issues of battery drainage is weak signals. Whenever you are in a place where there is no network or weak signals your cell phone constantly searching for strong signals at that time your cell phone is continuously draining mobile’s battery so to avoid mobile drainage switch your cell phone to airplane mode or if you are in a meeting or outside then put your mobile to in a meeting or outdoor mode.
  4. Try to avoid your cell phone from direct heat like from sun light or fire. In the case of charging remove the cell phone cover or extra parts to allow your cell phone cool down.
  5. You don’t always need to put your tracking location on so where you don’t need it turn it off to save your battery life.

customized cell phone

By applying all these tips you can prolong or increase your battery life. And if you want to buy accessories for cell phone wholesale then wholecellusa is the best option for you.

How to Find the Best Website for Cell Phone Accessories

In start when internet facility initially introduced in early 1990’s people was not believing the option of online purchase or online market from where you can buy or sell any product but after some time as time passed people start believing the value of online market and almost all over the world people start using it for all the things they require or need in their daily life because online shopping is fast, affordable and easily accessible. Especially if you are a mobile user then you must buy accessories for your cell phone and you can purchase these cell phone accessories through online websites where you can get numerous options regarding your desired requirement. But it does not mean that all option is same every website or web portal will give you different experience may be good or not so here are some tips that will help you out to make good online shopping experience when you want to buy cell phone accessories.

Whenever you are searching or buying any product online make sure you are getting its warranty or any kind of guaranteed satisfaction with the affordable price means u are getting the good quality product in affordable range it does not matter whether you are buying cell phone wallets, cases, screen protectors or any other part. This will help you to buy the right product according to your price range. In the next step check the prestige of the company from where you are going to purchase by checking its services, customer support and products quality and secure paying method also check their physical address and running contact number. By examining these things you can get the right product.

Wholecellusa is the best cell phone accessories suppliers in USA from where you can get the best quality product at wholesale rates so don’t bother yourself while surfing cell phone accessories at the internet and have the best from wholecellusa.