Increase your mobile’s battery life by various ways – Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories

Nobody wants to get suffered from dead cell phone battery when you need your the most that is why everybody wants to improve the life of their cell phone battery through Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories companies so that they don’t get suffered. So here are some important ways through which you can save or increase or prolong your mobile’s battery life.

  1. You will be surprised to know that many applications are working in the background of your smart phone that’s why you get notifications for each update and these applications continuously using battery so you have to close the unnecessary applications by double clicking your home key apps will occur which are working at background so you can close the unnecessary app from which you don’t want to get notified.
  2. Get rid of moving back grounds, dynamic or moving background looks beautiful but it takes a lot of battery life so try to use simple or static backgrounds or screen savers.
  3. One of the main issues of battery drainage is weak signals. Whenever you are in a place where there is no network or weak signals your cell phone constantly searching for strong signals at that time your cell phone is continuously draining mobile’s battery so to avoid mobile drainage switch your cell phone to airplane mode or if you are in a meeting or outside then put your mobile to in a meeting or outdoor mode.
  4. Try to avoid your cell phone from direct heat like from sun light or fire. In the case of charging remove the cell phone cover or extra parts to allow your cell phone cool down.
  5. You don’t always need to put your tracking location on so where you don’t need it turn it off to save your battery life.

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By applying all these tips you can prolong or increase your battery life. And if you want to buy accessories for cell phone wholesale then wholecellusa is the best option for you.